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Easy to Love Stuffed Plush Aardvarks

Who can resist this Adorable plush stuffed Aardvark
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Aardvarks are nocturnal animals who believe
dining on such delicacies as termites and ants
are what constitutes a gourmet meal.

Because of their elongated snout along with a very
fine sense of smell, aardvarks are able to find these
tiny insects. The snout is similar to a pig's snout
in it's shape in that it is and elliptical rounded shape.

The aardvark is assisted in it's hunt for prey by
it's toes which are designed to dig into hard soil
and shovel it aside.

Using it's toes the aardvark is an exceptional animal
at burrowing and can do it very fast to escape
any would be predators. They live in a complex
burrow system.

Aardvarks live a solitary existence over a large part
of Africa. Aardvarks only seek companionship at
mating time.

They are the only species within it's genus.

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Page by: Tippy & Alfred who have always found aardvarks to be fascinating
creatures. They wonder if they would make good pets and if they
eat, besides ants, dog and cat food? Why don't you have a Marvelous Day and Enjoy Yourself.

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