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"Swampy" Stuffed Plush Alligator
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Stuffed Plush Baby Alligator

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Alligators and crocodiles are some of the few
survivors from prehistoric dinosaurs. Crocodilians
include alligators, crocodiles and caimans and one
species of gharial. See our stuffed crocodiles also.
(picture below)

Alligators are found only in North, South and
Central America. The American alligator is only
found in the south eastern part of the United States.

American alligators are black in color and have a heavily
plated back. They float in freshwater streams, lakes,
marshes and ponds where they feed on fish and any
other creature that may happen to come across
their paths.

Females lay from 25 to 60 eggs in a nest she makes
from mud, sticks and debris. When the baby alligators
begin to hatch, the mother will then dig the nest
open. Some mother alligators have been known to
stay with their young for up to 3 years. Young
American alligators have yellow cross bands which
eventually fade away.

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