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The Alpaca Monkey

The Alpaca Monkey or Pacamonkey is made from alpaca yarn
spun from wool that has been combed from alpacas. The yarn
and monkeys are primarily made in Peru. They are a charming
folk art made by the people of Peru for their children, and
they have recently become popular also in North America.
Colors vary because of the yarn colors available.

Alpaca wool is naturally flame resistant along with being
soft and cuddly, so it is ideal for children's toys. This
wool is also durable and will last a long time through rough
play and wash after wash.

Most Alpaca Monkeys or Paca Monkeys are knitted and stand
tall. They look very similar to sock monkeys. Some are
dressed with a vest and hat, and most have a silly face to
go along with the long, floppy body.

Some people make Pacamonkeys that are hand puppets or finger
puppets. These make playtime fun by allowing a child to use
their imagination and really bring their Alpaca Monkey
friend alive.

The monkeys are usually made by women in Peru that are
skilled knitters. The creative preference of the women that
is knitting is largely what decides the design of the
monkey. Some of the knitted monkeys end up looking almost
lifelike, while others are a more traditional sock monkey

Alpaca yarn is very soft and many people prefer the yarn
from the Alpaca for this reason alone. Alpaca wool is
lighter, softer and warmer than sheep wool. Caution: this
yarn is not hypoallergenic so if you have a problem with
allergies to wool then it isn't a good idea to get an Alpaca

It isn't recommended that the Pacamonkeys be given to a
child under the age of three. This is because of the threat
of an allergic reaction or choking, because most monkeys
have very long arms and legs.

Alpaca Monkeys or Pacamonkeys are exported from Peru. The
monies the exports provide help sustain the women that are
making the monkeys. So when you buy an Alpaca Monkey you are
really helping a woman to support her family, not just
paying a nameless corporation.

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