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Cool information about Amazon Parrots

There are many different types of Amazon parrots, in a wide
range of sizes and colors. The largest are the Mealy and
Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrots, and the smallest is the
Spectacled White-Fronted Amazon.

Amazon parrots are not the easiest of pets to keep, and you
should only own such a bird if you are already experienced
with owning parrots and can make the proper lifetime
commitment to your parrot. See more info on our Bird Care site,
link is at top of this page.

Some male parrots are excessively aggressive when they reach
puberty. It is essential that you use Gentle Dominance
Training with your Amazon parrot. One such trick that will
be helpful later on is the "step on a stick" command that is
great to use to help move the parrot to a quieter and safer
place if the parrot is over stimulated.

These birds require that their keepers be someone who has a
lot of patience and understanding, as they are strong-minded
birds that do not take that well to being pets. You should
read up on the type of Amazon parrot that you are intending
to keep as a pet before you decide to buy. That way you will
hopefully be able to train the bird properly and have less
trouble down the road.

The best Amazon parrots if you want a bird that will talk
are the Yellow Nape, Double Yellow Head and the Blue Fronted
parrots. Many of the Amazon parrots can also become good at
singing. They are not shy like some other types of parrots
and will happily perform for strangers. Because of this,
these parrots are often selected for bird shows, zoos and as

Amazon parrots, when given a toy and some space, are
perfectly able to entertain themselves most of the day. They
are independent birds that prefer their space.

It is a good idea to provide them with an over-large cage
and a lot of perches and toys so that they can amuse
themselves. In general they do not tend to have a problem
with feather picking like some parrots do. But if they are
neglected and left in a small cage for a long time with no
attention they can develop this habit.

So you want as large a cage as possible for your Amazon
parrot. Another reason for giving your Amazon parrot plenty
of room is that they are prone to get overweight if they do
not get enough exercise. So the cage should have plenty of
room for flying from perch to perch and playing with toys.
You must feed your parrot a healthy diet with little fat.
Calcium is also especially important for Blue Front Amazon
parrots. Do not give grit to any parrot species.

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