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Stuffed Plush

Angora Rabbits

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These extraordinarily cute stuffed Angora Rabbits
will make an excellent gift for that special person in your life,
for children, and for all Angora Rabbit & Animal lovers everywhere.

Angora Rabbit toy animals

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So Endearing and Delightful

We think these stuffed Angora rabbits are

just So Cool, they will look great sitting on your bed
or just hanging around some neat corner or nook
in your house They make great playmates for other pets too.

Handsome, Stylish and Wonderfully Pleasing
Stuffed Angora Rabbits that will make your day Happy!

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Rabbit Trivia

* Rabbits can see behind them without turning their heads,
but they can't see what is right in front of their noses.

* Coney Island in New York City is named after rabbits. The
Norman French who invaded England called rabbits "coneys".

* All wild rabbits and hares are crepuscular, meaning that
they are most active in the early morning and late evenings.

* There are more than forty-five recognized breeds of
domestic rabbits, which can range in size from approximately
two to fifteen pounds (one to seven kilograms) and live five
to ten years.

* Rabbits can be litter-box trained with not much effort.

* The smallest wild rabbit breed in North American is the
Pygmy or Little Idaho rabbit, weighing in at slightly less
than one pound.

* Rabbits can die of fright, and should always have a way of
retreat and a secure box or other spot in which to feel safe.

* Wild rabbits are native to every continent except
Australia and Antarctica, although Australia, thanks to man,
now has a large and destructive population of feral rabbits.

* The uterus of a female rabbit has two lobes, so a female
rabbit could carry two litters of different gestational ages
at the same time, although she might not like it.

* Mother rabbits pull soft fur from their own bodies to make
the nest for their babies soft and warm.

* In the old seafaring days, may islands had rabbit
populations put there so that any sailors who shipwrecked
there would have food to eat until they were rescued.

* Rabbits take only one month from breeding to delivery, and
the female goes back into heat almost immediately.

* On rare occasions, rabbit does have given birth to litters
of up to twenty-four babies.

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