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Baltimore Orioles

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Just as Fabulously Colorful as the real Baltimore Oriole,
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Plush Baltimore Orioles

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The Beautiful Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Orioles, a small New World blackbird is so named
because it has brilliant black and orange feathers which
matched the colors of the coat-of-arms of Lord Baltimore. It
is the state bird of the US state of Maryland.

The Baltimore Oriole is a medium sized songbird. The male
has a brilliant orange belly and a black head. Black
feathers cover the head, throat, mantle, wings and tail. It
has bright orange yellow feathers on the belly, shoulders,
and the tip and edges of the tail and rump.

The belly usually is a deeper orange in comparison with the
other colored parts, and he has a single white wing bar. He
has orange shoulders that make up a second wing bar. The
bill of the Baltimore Oriole is pointed and gray-silver in

The male Baltimore Oriole has a loud whistle song that
sounds somewhat like a flute or whistle is being played. The
song is the easiest way to spot him in the woodland edges.

The female Baltimore Oriole varies in appearance. She is
often colored similarly to the male but the head is usually
more of a brownish olive rather than black. The body is a
paler orange and yellow than the male as well. Usually the
face, throat and under parts are orange. The tail is a
brownish olive color with no black. She also has two white
wing bars rather than just one like the male.

When the Baltimore Oriole is young it looks similar to the
female but paler, with no black on the head or back. It can
have a gray underbelly. The young male looks like an adult
only after it has seen its second autumn.

The Baltimore Oriole prefers tall trees and open areas, and
builds a tightly woven pouch nest on the end of a tree
branch. They forage for insects, berries, and flower nectar
and have been seen at hummingbird feeders that are near the
woodland's edge.

Most Orioles migrate far south to Mexico, Central and South
America, and in the spring many northern birdwatchers
eagerly await their return. You can usually find them in the
spring and summer east of the Rockies, in parks or suburban
areas. And they may visit backyard bird feeders, especially
in the winter if they have wintered-over.

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