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Blind as a Bat? Oh really......

Bats are the only true mammals which have the ability
to fly and have flapping wings. Flying lemurs don't
actually fly, they glide. You can find out more about
lemurs on our stuffed lemur page.

The wingspan of bats varies greatly the smallest has
a span of only 6 inches while the largest bats, the
large flying fox has a wingspan of up to 5 feet.

Bats are found all over the world, except in climates
which are too cold for their prey to live in.

Most bats eat insects and can eat thousands of them
in one night. While bats may seem creepy, they are
actually very beneficial because of their appetite for
insects. For instance bats eat mosquitoes which helps
control the incidence of malaria.

Besides insects, some bats will eat fruits, some will
suck nectar from flowers, other species of bats will
feed on small lizards, frogs and even fish.

Bat's have eyes which they can see through, but they are
not the main source of a bat finding it's dinner. They
use instead their finely developed sense of smell and
hearing and a process called echolocation. What happens
is the bat produces a sound which it sends out directed
by the horn on it's nose. The sound waves reach out until
they hit something, then the returning echoes are bounced back
which are sensed by the bat's ears. So as often as you
may have heard it, bat's are not blind, in fact they see
pretty well, but the bat uses other means as outlined
above to locate food and other items.

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Stuffed Plush Bats

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Page Laid Out By: Tippy & Alfred who watch the bats fly around the farm
every evening. Bats are really good to have around the farm
because they keep the bad bug population down.