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Big Horn Sheep

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The Sure Footed Big Horn Sheep - the Sheep with the Big Horns

Domesticated sheep are familiar with humans and don't
run from them once they get used to their shepherd.
Big Horn sheep are very afraid of humans and will run
at the first sense of them coming around. They live where
humans don't want to go in the high mountainous terrain
or in desert areas.

Big Horn sheep are famous for their big horns. A full grown
male will have horns that are up to 3 and 1/2 feet in length
along their curvature. A set of male horns can weigh up
to 30 pounds! The female Big Horn sheep has much smaller
horns and shorter horns which only turn about 1/4 as much
as the males.

The Dall sheep has a similar set of horns on it although they
are not quite as large as the Big Horn sheep. The Mouflon
has a set of horns that are almost as big but they curve
more downward instead of down and in as the Big Horn sheep.
The largest of the wild sheep, the Argali is a huge animal
about twice the size of the Mouflon and with horns about
twice the size of the Big Horn sheep. The Argali's horns
can grow up to 6 feet when measured around the circumference!
Argali are found in the high mountains of Tibet and the
Himalayas. Mouflon are found in more temperate climates of
Europe. The Dall sheep live in the mountains of British
Columbia to Alaska.

Big Horn sheep live in the high Rocky Mountains from southern
Canada to Colorado. A subspecies lives from Nevada and California
to Texas and into northern Mexico.

There are 8 species of sheep in the genus Ovis. These include
the Big Horn sheep, the snow sheep, the urial, the argalis, the
Dall sheep and the domesticated sheep. Find out more about
sheep on our stuffed sheep page. Domestic sheep are believed
to be descended from the mouflon. Big Horn sheep and Dall sheep
are about the same size.

Big Horn sheep weigh up to 315 pounds in the male and 200 in
the female. They are from 5 to 6 feet long and females from
4 to 5 feet in length. They can live up to 24 years but most
only live about half or less than that.

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Page By: Tippy & Alfred who watched a National Geographic show
on television last year about Big Horn Sheep. They were really
impressed with how they can climb and hang on rocks and
with how they bang their horns into each other when they fight.
They also think this stuffed big horn sheep is a lot cuter
than the ones in the show, and think you ought to get yourself
a dozen or so, one for every room in the house.