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Bluetick Coonhound

The Bluetick Coonhound originated in the deep south of the
United States, in the state of Louisiana. They were bred
from the "cur," the American Foxhound, the English Foxhound,
the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound, and he Bleu de Gascogne
Hound of France. Although not yet registered by the AKC,
they are registered by many other countries dog clubs and
are eligible to compete in the AKC's coonhound trials.

The Bluetick Coonhound is a large dog with a dense, short,
somewhat coarse coat. Their coat is tricolored and has a
unique blue speckling look to it. The heavy ticking of the
coat is made up of black hairs dispersed on a white
background, creating a blue look.

The tail is set below the black line and is where the
ticking starts. The feet are compact and the toes are well
arched and have the tan color of the muzzle. The back legs
are muscular and long. The ears are pendulous like those of
the Bloodhound, though not as long. The dog also has great
eyesight and they work well at night because of this.

The Bluetick is a very good companion dog in that is very
devoted to its family and very intelligent. They make great
watch and guard dogs and are perfectly happy just guarding
and protecting their family. They do better with older
children but can do fine with young children especially if
it has grown up with them.

This breed can be aggressive to other dogs if this behavior
isn't discouraged. In order for these dogs to have the best
brought out in them they need firm, consistent leadership
from their owner. This dog must be socialized well while
still young; otherwise the dog can become reserved with

The Bluetick Coonhound shouldn't be trusted with small pets
because they were bred to be hunters of small animals. Their
prey drive is very strong and they will not be happy with
other small pets that they can't track and hunt. It is
because of this that this dog makes an excellent hunting dog
and does great when on the trail of an animal.

They are alert, attentive and able to work long hours in bad
weather on difficult terrain. You should never let this dog
off the leash unless hunting with it, as it may
instinctively go off after a scent and you may never see the
dog again. They have a very strong instinct to tree prey

The Bluetick hound excels in night trials hunting raccoons.
Each hound has its own distinct voice that their owners can
usually recognize. They are also used to track cougars and
foxes. They are fearless dogs, especially when on the hunt.

When considering a Bluetick Coonhound as a pet, beware their
sensitive sense of smell and love of food, loud and
distinctive voices, stubbornness, and their slobber.

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