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Some Cool Stuff about the Brachiosaurus

The Brachiosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic Period and
possibly the beginning of the early Cretaceous Period. The
name Brachiosaurus means arm lizard. It was named for its
very long front legs that dwarfed its back legs.

Brachiosaurus is a part of the genus sauropod and is said to
be one of the largest creatures to have ever roamed the
earth, as well as being one of the most famous dinosaurs
known around the world.

For a long time the Brachiosaurus was considered to be the
largest dinosaur ever known. Since then a new dinosaur genus
named the Titanosaurians were discovered and it has
surpassed the Brachiosaurus as far as weight is concerned,
although the Brachiosaurus is still considered to be the
largest dinosaur, just not the heaviest.

There is a mostly complete specimen of Brachiosaurus that
was excavated in Africa and is now on display in the
Humboldt Museum of Berlin. It is also considered to be one
of the tallest mounted skeletal exhibits on the earth.

It is estimated that the Brachiosaurus could grow to eight-
two feet in length and raise its head forty-three feet off
of the ground. And, according to some fragments found from
other larger specimens, it is speculated that it may have
been able to grow fifteen percent longer than estimated.

They also estimate that the weight of the creature could
range between seventeen and eighty-six tons, although the
heavier weight is considered to be unlikely.

More recently another estimate was made based on the
supposed musculature of the animal and it concluded that the
animal's weight was somewhere between thirty-five tons and
forty-one tons. The longer specimen may have weighed up to
sixty-two tons!

The Brachiosaurus was an herbivore and was a member of the
sauropods. They had spatulated teeth that helped to grind up
leaves for digestion. It is considered to be giraffe like as
far as the build goes but the feet did have claws on them.

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