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British Shorthair Cat

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The British Shorthair Cat
By: Alfred and Patches Marie Kitty

The British Shorthair is considered to be the oldest breed
of English domestic cat. Some of their ancestry can be dated
back to the domestic cat of Rome. This breed was originally
a hunting cat, but now they are valued for their loyalty,
endurance, physical strength and calm demeanor.

This breed was relatively unpopular in the United States
until 1980 when a British Shorthair won the CFA championship
competition. Now British Shorthairs are regularly imported
from England, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand to widen
the breeding gene pool in the United States.

Since 1980 the breed has only gained in popularity as it has
won exhibitions and competitions over and over again every
year. Because it is such an intelligent animal, trainers in
Hollywood favor the British Shorthair for movies and

British Shorthairs are known for their loyalty but they tend
to be observers, keeping themselves apart from everyday
activities. They seem to be always in control of their
environment, looking down loftily from their perch.

They are not known to be climbers or acrobats; instead they
prefer to be at ground level or on a low window sill. They
are careful creatures and when a moment of clumsiness does
happen they recover quickly.

This breed was originally called the British Blue because of
the breed's original grey coloring. But since the 1950's the
breed has included a lot of different colors under the
umbrella name British Shorthair. The Cat Fanciers
Association recognizes the British Shorthair nowadays to
have many different colors and patterns.

The kittens of the British Shorthair are usually available
from breeders at between twelve and sixteen weeks of age.
After twelve weeks most kittens have had their first
immunization shots, health checkups and have been socialized
to live with humans.

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