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Stuffed Budgerigars

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The Budgerigar

The Budgerigar, also known as Budgie or shell parakeet, is a
small nomadic Australian parrot that belongs to the family
Melopsittacus. Budgerigars are often called parakeets in
North America, with parakeet being a common name for any
small parrot with a long flat tail.

Budgerigars are native to the dryer parts of Australia and
they have apparently survived on that continent in the dry
inland for more than five million years. Flocks of wild
Budgerigars can still be seen in their native habitats, and
naturalized feral flocks can be found in many warm parts of
the world, such as Florida in the USA.

Adult wild Budgerigars are about seven inches (eighteen
centimeters) long and usually have a light-green body with
their backs, heads and wing coverts striped in black and
yellow. Their faces are bright yellow, and the cere of the
male is bright blue. There are three black throat-spots and
purple cheek patches. The tail is bright blue with yellow
spots during flight.

The domesticated Budgie is one of the most beloved parrots
across the world. They are beautiful, smart and affectionate
and make wonderful pets. They also come in a wide variety of
colors and shades and are slightly larger than their wild
relatives. Shell parakeets breed well in captivity, and most
pet Budgies were bred by humans rather than wild-caught as
some other pet parrot species may be.

A Budgie can be taught to speak, play with humans and
whistle songs. They are social birds and enjoy toys and
human interaction. Many have learned to perform tricks on
cue. As pets Budgies live on average five to eight years.
They can, if well cared for, live for fifteen years. The
life span of the Budgie depends on the breed, the individual
bird's health, diet and exercise.

Wild Budgerigars feed on mainly grass seed, but captive
shell parakeets should eat dry, sprouted and soaked seeds,
other grains, edible flowers, non-toxic greens, fruit, and
vegetables. Internet research or a good book can give you
more detailed information about the optimum diet for your
pet parakeet. It is also common for them to chew on wood and
other materials, especially the females.

Budgies need room to exercise and they prefer toys and
perches. Because they are relatively common and low cost
they are sometimes unappreciated and neglected. A pet
Budgerigar's cage needs space for it to fly from perch to
perch, and toys to keep it engaged and interested. Boredom
leads to depression in intelligent animals, and depression
leads to death, especially in birds.

Budgies are often given to a child to keep as a pet but
because of their relative inactivity often a child will
become bored with them. If an adult doesn't step in, often
the Budgie will die from neglect. You shouldn't give a bird
to a child unless you are willing to take over the care for
that bird when the child's attention wanders.

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