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Plush Bumblebees

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The Buzz about the Bumblebee

The term Bumblebee is given to a large group of big, black
and yellow, hairy, social bees. They are native to regions
of the Northern Hemisphere and there are fifty species of
Bumble Bee in North America. They have a tendency to range
farther north than any other bee.

Bumblebees are similar to the honey bee and also have
colonies ruled by a queen. The queen is the main progenitor
and she has many worker bees and daughters. The male drones
are produced only during mating season.

Bumblebees differ from the honey bees in that their colony
only survives in warm temperatures. New queens hibernate by
themselves during the winter to emerge the following spring
to make a colony. Perhaps for this reason, there are usually
many fewer bees in a Bumble Bee colony than in a honey bee
colony. Bumblebees also collect nectar and make honey, but
they do not horde it like the honey bee.

Bumblebees can control their body temperatures and are among
the few insects capable of doing that. In colder weather the
queens and worker bees shiver their flight muscles to keep
themselves warm. This is what makes them capable of flying
and working even in colder temperatures.

Also, because Bumblebees are large and hairy they can
conserve more heat to keep them warm. This is why they can
live further north than other bees. Bumblebees are sensitive
to disturbances in their habitat. Several species of
Bumblebee have become extinct because of encroaching land
development by humans.

The Bumblebee Queen will usually choose an abandoned cavity
like an old mouse nest in which to build her nest. The waxy
spherical chambers are made in the middle of the nest from
pollen paste and she lays several eggs in each. Most
Bumblebees prefer to make their nests underground.

The first bees to which the queen gives birth are worker
bees that upon maturity set about helping her to build the
colony. They metamorphize from larvae into worker bees by
spinning cocoons and then emerging as worker bumblebees.

From there the colony is established and new queen eggs are
laid and drone eggs are laid and many more worker bees.
Bumblebees are important to the world at large because they
pollinate plants. That is why so many studies have been done
on them and in general they are protected. Bumblebees are
also used exclusively in greenhouses to pollinate plants
year round for food production.

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