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Breathtaking &

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Stuffed toy Butterfly

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These Lusciously Cute & Dazzling
Stuffed Plush Butterfly toy animals are without a doubt
one of the Coolest stuffed animals we have to offer you.

We find these plush stuffed Butterflies
to be simply fascinating and so attractive!

A really Fun stuffed animal you will
Love to have hanging around the house.

Plush Toy Butterflies sporting a 7 inch wingspan!

Blue stuffed Butterfly - Silverspot stuffed Butterfly

Have you ever seen anything else so
Cheerful and Charming than these
plush stuffed Butterflies?

This Stuffed Butterfly is certainly NOT
the same old, same old type of gift.
Refreshing, Entertaining and full of Charisma.

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The Beautiful Butterfly

The Butterfly is from the order Lepidoptera and is an
insect. Lepidoptera have a unique life cycle with stages
that include a larval, pupae and metamorphosis to adult
insect form.

Most species of butterflies are active during the day and
because of their brightly colored wings they attract a lot
of attention. Their beauty and bouncing flight pattern has
made them a favorite among insects and inspired many poems
and paintings and have earned a place in literature.

Butterflies are highly visible and popular foods for many
insects and birds, so butterflies exhibit different forms of
camouflage, including polymorphism (color variations and
disguises), aposematism (warning or camouflaging
coloration), and mimicry. Some butterflies migrate over
incredibly long distances. A few butterfly species have even
developed a symbiotic relationship with other insects like

Butterflies are important pollinators and some butterflies
are considered to be pests because their larval state
(caterpillars) eats crops and trees. Butterflies are
different from many other insects in that they go through a
pupae stage and not a nymph period. Butterflies are
holometabolous insects and complete metamorphosis.

Here are the stages of growth for a butterfly:

- Egg
- Larva (caterpillar)
- Pupa (chrysalis)
- Adult (butterfly)

The maximum length of a butterfly's life is determined by
its species. Some live for a long time in their larval
stage. Other species in their adult form live for a week,
and still other species can live up to a year in their adult

Butterflies can have more than one brood per year. The
number of generations of butterfly per year varies with the

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