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Toy Plush Chickens

that are

Pretty Spiffy

Please Help us Stop

Animal Abuse with

a Gift of One Dollar

We're sure you will really Enjoy having these
Amusing and Dandy looking Plush Stuffed Chicken
toy animals around as they will daily Entertain and
make your day just go better.

Your choice - stuffed plush Mother Hen with
chicks or stuffed Hen and stuffed Rooster.

either selection is simply adorable!!!!

Stuffed plush Hen & Chicks

Stuffed plush Hen & Rooster

What a Delightful gift one of these stuffed plush chickens
will be for someone you really care about, or

just get them for your own Pleasure. They are such
Fun to have around and they really are a Colorful addition
to any room in the house, plus they make an enjoyable
conversation piece!

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck
this plush chicken's not a duck.
Get your stuffed chicken today
and watch your gloom go away.

Some cool stuff about domestic and wild Chickens

The chicken is a fowl (bird) that is often kept for its eggs
and meat. The domestic chicken can't fly for long distances;
rather it can fly for a few feet and then fall back to the
ground. They do not move very quickly either, because of
their weight.

The most commonly kept poultry in the world is the chicken,
for their eggs aside from any other gain. The most often-
eaten egg in the world, by humans at least, is the chicken

There are many different species of chicken and they can be
found all over the world. Many species of chicken have
adapted to their environments and in some species
experiments have been done to even breed featherless birds
for very warm climates. There are also many different breeds
of domestic chickens, with shows and competitions just as
there are in the dog world.

Chickens can be tamed if hand fed from when they are chicks.
But the males (roosters) as they enter puberty become
aggressive and loud and it isn't suggest that you keep a
rooster as a pet.

Most chickens are kept penned up outside in a wire pen with
a "chicken house" for nighttime shelter. It is important
they a chicken pen be kept clean and well secured. There are
many predators that will gladly dine on any chicken if they
can get to them, including neighborhood dogs and chicken

Chickens are among the few animals that are kept for
commercial food processing, although there are many animal
rights groups that are against such treatment. Because of
the actions of these groups, commercial processed animals
are treated more humanly, but the world demand for food for
right now outweighs any group's protests over keeping
animals for commercial processing.

All chicken are omnivores and will eat any scraps left over
from humans, vegetation within the area, as well as insects
and other small animals.

There are still wild chickens that range open prairies and
are favorites as a target among sports hunters. The wild
chicken can run quickly and fly well, and they are fairly
intelligent birds, unlike the domesticated chickens which
have been bred to be larger and heavier and easier to control.

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