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Stuffed Corn Snakes you will find to be Delightfully Fun

These absolutely bright and colorful
Plush Stuffed Corn Snakes will provide you
with tons of playful entertainment and
amusing play time.

Thrilling and Exciting!
and just like the real thing!

Stuffed plush Corn Snake
52 inches long

These exceptionally cute stuffed Corn Snakes will make
an excellent gift for any person who collects stuffed animals,
for kids under 95, and for all animal lovers everywhere.

You won't believe how Cuddly a snake can be .....
as can be and tons of Fun!

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What you wanted to know about Corn Snakes,
but were afraid to ask:

Corn snakes are a common snake found in south east
and south central United States.

Corn snakes are a member of the ratsnake group that
includes the common ratsnake, the Trans-Pecos ratsnake
and the corn snake. Corn snakes are sometimes
called red ratsnakes.

There are 4 subspecies of corn snakes. While most
folks think of a corn snake and they imagine the
bright coloring shown in the picture above, but
one subspecies, the Emory's ratsnake and the
common ratsnake are a grayer color with varying
dark blotches of gray brown on their body.

Corn snakes are often found around farms, not
because they eat corn, which is a common misnomer,
(corn snakes don't eat corn) but because around
corn there is usually a lot of rodents which
the corn snake does eat. So for that reason,
corn snakes are considered to be valuable to
help protecting a farmer's corn crop.

They have been known to show up in cities and towns.

Corn snakes are sometimes kept as pets. When
careless owners allow their snake to escape,
the corn snake is able to adapt and live quite
nicely on it's own outside feeding on rodents
and other small prey.

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