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The American Crow

The Crow is a bird that makes up one third of the Corvidae
family. Other corvids include rooks and jays. The American
Crow is mostly seen in the Americas and is a familiar bird
there. They are black, large, and very intelligent. They
have distinctive cries with a hoarse cawing sound. You can
see them in fields, roadsides, open woods, town centers,
empty beaches, and etcetera.

Crows are large and have long legs. They have a thick neck
and a heavy straight bill. When flying they have broad wings
with round wingtips. The feathers on the wingtips spread out
like fingers. They have a short tail that is rounded and
then squared off at the end.

The American crow is black all over including the bill and
legs. When a crow molts and gets new feathers the old
feathers may appear to be brownish and/or scaly in
comparison with the new glossy black feathers. American
Crows have a unique flight style which consists of periodic
graceful flapping of their wings that is only periodically
broken up with a glide.

Crows are scavengers and that is why you can find them
almost anywhere. They feed on the ground and can eat
insects, worms, small animals, carrion, fruits, seeds and
garbage. They are famous for robbing other birds young and

The crow is very social and is often found in a "murder"
(group of crows). They can sometimes flock in a murder that
contains millions of birds. They are very curious and
mischievous and like to play tricks and solve problems. They
have been known to open garbage cans and food containers.

Crows are aggressive and where they are troublesome it is
hard to chase them away. Even birds of prey have trouble
with crows stealing their catches, although groups of small
songbirds have been seen chasing crows away from their
nesting areas.

Crows are very social birds and are not very afraid of
people. Rarely do you see just one crow, and in areas where
they are not molested and can find food they may become
quite tame and take food from the hand.

Crows can learn specific words and phrases when they are
around to hear the word or phrase a lot. If you sit quietly
in many public parks you may hear crows make sounds like
automobiles, children laughing, trash cans banging, or even
"Hit the ball!" if there is a ball field nearby.

You can find crows almost anywhere in the Americas. They
thrive where people are because of the associated waste and
food. Anywhere there is an abundance of food or garbage you
will find crows.

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