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The Devil Fish

The Devil Fish is from the genus Mobula and the family
mobular. It is also called the Giant Devil Ray or migratory
Manta Ray. It is an Eagle ray in the family Myliobatidae.
They live in the Mediterranean Sea but can be found in the
Eastern Atlantic Ocean, off of the southwest coast of
Ireland and south of Portugal.

The Devil Fish is bigger than the Devil Ray. It likes to eat
crustaceans and small schools of fish. It hunts using its
spiny tail.

The Devil Fish is sensitive to environmental changes and has
a low rate of reproduction and a limited range. They are an
endangered species because of being caught in fishing
equipment intended to capture fish. And they are dying due
to pollution of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Devil Fish is known to reach up to five thousand pounds.
They look similar to the smaller Manta rays, just much
bigger. They are black on top and white on their under
parts. They have large body that looks like a sail with a
long tail trailing behind them.

They have gills situated on their underside. The head is
pointed at the front of the fish. Sometimes there are dark
spots on the white belly. The tail has spines at its end and
the spines are poisonous with a neurotoxin.

Rays move unlike other fish. Instead of a side to side anal
tail fin movement they flap their large pectoral fins on the
sides. In this way they can be compared to birds because the
up and down motion is what propels them through the ocean.

The reason these fish are called Devil Fish is because of
two pointed lobes on either side of the head that look like
devil's horns. They do not have scales but rather a smooth
exterior that is cartilage-like. Ordinarily they are not
dangerous to humans unless they go into frenzy because of
being caught, although smaller rays can be a danger if a
swimmer steps on or swims into one.

Devil Fish are beautiful when they swim and often divers
hope to see the majestic form of even the lesser Manta Rays.

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