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Bold and Brave

Plush Stuffed Eagles

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You will soon see just how Majestic and Brave
these Handsome Plush Stuffed Eagles really are.
You can get either a Stuffed American Eagle or a
Stuffed Bald Eagle. Both are Tremendous.

You will definitely appreciate
these Stuffed Plush Eagles

Stuffed plush American Eagle 18 inches tall

Stuffed plush Bald Eagle 12 inches tall

These plush stuffed Eagles
are a huge opportunity for you to have some real Fun!

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and pick up your stuffed plush American Eagle and Bald Eagle.

These plush stuffed Eagles are incredibly Patriotic
and unequaled in their ability to Inspire.
So, help celebrate this great country with one
of these stuffed plush Eagles.

Exceptionally cute & soft
plush stuffed American and Bald Eagle toy animals.

Majestic Eagle Calendars

The Breathtakingly Elegant Eagle

Eagles are from the bird family Accipitridae, which are
large birds of prey. Most of the over sixty species of
Eagles are native to Africa and Eurasia. Other than that
there are only two Eagles that can be found in North America
and Canada and those are the Bald Eagle and the Golden
Eagle. There are three species of Eagle in Australia, the
Wedge-tailed Eagle, Gurney's Eagle and the Little Eagle.

Eagles are different from other birds of prey because of
their powerfully built bodies which are large in size, with
a heavy bill and head. Even the smallest of eagles have a
broader wingspan and faster flight than other birds of prey
their own size.

Apart from Vultures, Eagles are the largest raptors in the
world. The largest eagle was the Haast Eagle, which is now
extinct. It weighed thirty-three pounds and was nearly five
feet long with a ten foot wingspan.

Since then, the heaviest eagle is considered to be the
Philippines Eagle. The Eagle with the largest wingspan is
the Golden Eagle and the largest eagle is the Harpy Eagle.
The smallest eagle is the Spilornis Serpent-Eagle, which
weights just one pound and measures eighteen inches in

All birds of prey have powerfully hooked beaks, but the
Eagle's beak is very large in proportion compared to other
birds of prey. The eagle's beak is designed to tear flesh
from their chosen prey. Eagles are powerfully muscled, with
strong muscular legs and very large and powerful talons.

All Eagles have very keen eyesight and can spot prey from
very long distances away. This is contributed to by their
extremely large eye pupils that cause minimal diffraction of
incoming light. Hence the phrase "Eagle Eye," which means
the ability to spot something from a long distance and/or to
not miss anything.

Eagles build nests in eyries, on high cliffs or in very tall
trees. Most species of Eagle lay two eggs, but the larger
and older chick will often kill the weaker sibling once it
has hatched.

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