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Some cool stuff about Elephants:

Elephants are the largest land animal in the world.
They may be as high as 10 or 11 feet and weigh 5 or 6

There are basically two types of elephants, the Asiatic
and African elephant, the Asiatic elephant is also called
Indian elephants.

African elephants have ears at least twice as big as those
of the Asiatic elephant. The trunk of the Asiatic elephant
is smoother and has only one finger like lobe at the
end of the trunk whereas African elephants have two fingers.
Asiatic elephants have five toenails and their front
feet and four on their hind feet, African elephants have
one nail fewer on each foot.

Some scientists divide the African elephant into two
species, the larger bush elephant and the smaller forest
elephant. Bush elephants live in the Congo River basin
and only grow to about 7 or 8 feet tall.

Bush elephants are a bit larger than the Asiatic elephants.

Why do people say elephants never forget?

Elephants really do forget things, but they remember what
they learn better than most animals. Elephants can remember
30 or more different commands. They are also very good
at remembering people and remember them for a long time
and remember whether they were nice or mean to them.

Some people believe that elephants are afraid of mice?

In reality elephants are not afraid of mice. They are
more likely to step on mice than run away from them. If
a mouse comes around, elephants are more curious than

An elephant's trunk is their nose and their hands. Elephants
use their trunks to smell things and to push, pull and
pick things up. They also warn other elephants of danger
by trumpeting through their trunks. An elephant will give
itself a bath by filling the trunk with water then
squirting the water back out over themselves.

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