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Some interesting information about the Finch

The House Finch has recently been introduced from the
western United States to the eastern United States and
Hawaii. Although most birds that decide to take up residence
in other regions are in general not greeted warmly, the
House Finch is an exception to the rule. House Finches are
generally innocuous and are pleasing to hear and see.

House Finches have a small body compared to other finches,
and have large beaks in comparison to their bodies. They
have a long flat head and short wings. The tail seems long
in comparison to the body. Most finches have distinctly
notched tails but the House Finch has only a small notch in
its tail.

Adult male House Finches have a rosy red upper breast and
face. The rest of the body is a streaky brown-black. During
flight they have a conspicuous red rump. The adult females
are not red; they are a plain grey-brown with thick
indistinct streaks all over their bodies.

House Finches are very social and tend to gather at bird
feeders or perch together in trees nearby. When they aren't
at a feeder they tend to congregate on the ground foraging
for food, on weed stalks or in trees.

They do not move very quickly, and while shelling seeds they
sit still. They shell seeds by taking rapid bites that crush
the shell of the seed. Their flight pattern is bouncy with
short flaps of their wings, like other finches.

In their native environment of the western United States
they can be found in the deserts, chaparral, open woods and
grasslands. But as previously state, now they can be seen
all over the United States in backyards, city parks, farms,
forest edges and urban centers.

House Finches build nests from grass, twigs and leaves. The
adult female builds the nest with the male bird's help. They
like to nest in cavities like abandoned woodpecker holes,
artificial and natural cavities. Occasionally they will nest
in a bird house. They prefer to nest five to seven feet off
of the ground.

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