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Big Hearted Plush Frogs

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Jeremiah, the Entertaining and Comical Stuffed
Plush Bullfrog, would Love to Croak his way into your heart.
You will Cherish this funny and Adorably Cute Plush Stuffed Frog.

Green and amusing plush stuffed Frogs

will put huge smiles on your face.

Jeremiah will make you laugh and feel great inside!

Jeremiah...a big fat Bullfrog
that croaks when he moves!

Inspirational stuffed plush Frog

Soft & tender plush stuffed Frogs
are the ideal gift item for kids and adult kids under
the age of 99

This stuffed Frog will turn into a Prince
when the right person kisses it. Is that person you?

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Cheerful Frog Calendars

Fascinating stuff about Frogs

The American Bullfrog is the largest frog in North America.
Bullfrogs are well known for their deep bellowing throaty
croak around ponds all over. They make this sound as a
mating call. Male bullfrogs are very aggressive when it
comes to their space on the pond and will defend it
even to death.

A momma bullfrog will lay from 10,000 to 20,000 eggs
and one week later there are tiny tadpoles swimming around
all over the place. Bullfrogs live up to 15 years.
They eat insects, reptiles, fish and just about
any creature they can fit into their mouth.

The bullfrog is only one of 600 species in the family
Ranidae. All frogs and toads belong to the order Anura.
There are more than 3500 anuran species which make up
the class Amphibia.

The common frog is one of 250 species in the genus Rana.
Common frogs are found all over Europe and Scandanavia,
and Asia to Japan.

Common frogs only lay from 1,000 to 4,000 eggs and they hatch
from 10 to 21 days later. Common frogs can live up to 12
years. They eat insects, worms and slugs.

Bullfrogs are a green to black color with a yellow to white
underside. Common frogs have a great variety of colors and
can even change the shades of their colors depending upon
the weather getting paler in warmth and darker in cold.

The Goliath bullfrog is the world's largest frog. Few people
have ever seen or even heard of them. They are found
exclusively in west central Africa along the Atlantic coast

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