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Plush Stuffed Goldfish

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Gorgeous Plush Stuffed Goldfish that are so Colorful and
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11 inches long stuffed plush Goldfish
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Feel Great every Day with these Goldfish Calendars

The Goldfish

Goldfish are members of the Cyprinidae or carp family. The
Cyprinidea is the largest family of freshwater fish in
existence, and the Goldfish is the most popular fresh water
fish that is kept as a pet. They were one of the first fish
to be domesticated and commercially bred and they are still
the most popular in outdoor water gardens and aquariums,
especially among first time aquarium owners.

Originally what we call the Goldfish came from the Prussian
Carp that is native to Asia and is a dark brownish gray. One
thousand years ago in China they began to be bred for
specific colorations.

Due to the selective breeding of this fish there are now
many different distinct breeds of Goldfish. Each breed has a
different color, form, color pattern and size. They are now
far different from the original Prussian carp from whence
they came.

The name Goldfish is self-explanatory. It has gold coloring
and it is a fish. But if you are shopping for pet goldfish,
you have many types from which to choose. There are
ornamental Goldfish with long trailing fins and beautiful
patterns. There are some that look like miniature Koi. And
the most mass produced is the feeder Goldfish that are used
in carnival games, outdoor ponds, and sold as food for
reptiles and other fish.

Sometimes the color of a Goldfish will change depending upon
the light spectrum under which they are kept. Goldfish will
produce color depending upon the availability of light; this
is because of the cells called chromatophores that reflect
light. If the Goldfish is kept in the dark for a day it will
appear lighter in the morning and over a long period of time
will eventually lose its color.

Goldfish have been known to reach eighteen inches (forty-six
centimeters) in length and to weigh up to ten pounds (four
and one half kilograms). But this is rare and on average
they are usually about half this size as adult fish. When
well cared for they can get very long and big.

Under the best conditions a Goldfish can live as long as
twenty years, but in general they live only six to eight
years. However, Goldfish, like many other fish species, can
be real pets, taking food from their owner's hand and
seeming to enjoy the owner's presence nearby. That plus
their genetic flexibility and attractive color is no doubt
why they have become popular and valuable pets from their
origin as pond fish kept for food.

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