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The Grosbeak

The Grosbeak is a perching bird with a large beak for eating
seeds. The Grosbeak is a songbird that is a unit of several
species from the superfamily Passeroidea. They aren't a
natural group, instead they are from multiple different
genera that are distantly related and are all called

The male Rose-breasted Grosbeak is boldly patterned in his
breeding attire. He is black, rose and white and easy to
spot. The female Rose-breasted Grosbeak is drab by
comparison and is brown with stripes all over her body. The
female tends to look like a finch or large sparrow.

The Grosbeak is medium in size and stocky. They have large
and thick cone-shaped bills. The male has a black hood,
white belly and a rosy red triangular breast patch with a
black head and under parts. Sometimes a few brown feathers
can be seen on the underside of the bird. They have white
under parts and white patches on the wings that form wing
bars when the bird is at rest.

When the bird is in flight a large white spot is apparent.
The male Grosbeak has white spots on the outermost three
feathers and has a black tail. They have red lining their
wings, with a white rump that can occasionally be pink with
some dark markings. These colorings are shown when it is
breeding season for the Grosbeak.

When the male Grosbeak is no long in breeding season they
look similar except that the black feathers on the under
parts get buff tips that partially hide the black coloring.
On the head of the bird a buff center crown strip appears
along with facial stripes. The throat and chin become a
mottled black and pink and the once brilliant red breast
becomes a dull pink in color. They grow to resemble the
females except that the wings and tail remain a deep black
and white.

The female Grosbeak remains the same coloring all throughout
the year. When the birds are young the sexes resemble each
other except that the male's wings and tail are a deeper
brown and the chest is pinkish with red wing linings.

The Grosbeak is a common bird of old forests and can be
found in second growth as well. The song of the Grosbeak is
like a robin's song, only sweeter and mellower. In
comparison, the Robin's song isn't as professional. A robin
is like a street singer as compared with an opera singer

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