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Some general info about the Hawk

In general a hawk is taken to mean any falcon or small to
medium bird from the Accipitridae family, which is where the
true Hawks are from. Accipiters include Buzzards, Eagles,
Harriers, Hawks and Kites.

The most common hawk in North America is the Red-tailed Hawk
Buteo jamaicensis). Other common names for this raptor
include Eastern Redtail, Hen Hawk, Mouse Hawk, Buzzard Hawk,
Red Hawk or Redtail.

If you have eyes like an eagle you may be able to spot
several while traveling across the continental United
States, Canada or even Alaska.

Red-tailed Hawks soar through the sky turning slow circles
over open fields or meadows in high mountains, open
pastures, deep forests and even deserts. They have broad
rounded wings that make them easier to identify while they
are soaring.

You may also see them watching for prey from atop telephone
poles or resting on fence posts while waiting for warmer
weather before climbing back up into the sky to soar. The
circular flying has two purposes, to conserve energy and to
scout the ground below for prey, which can be anything from
insects to birds, fish, rabbits or even skunks and

The Red-tailed Hawk is a large hawk, measuring up to twenty-
five inches long with a wingspan of nearly five feet. They
have broad rounded wings with short wide tails. The females
are larger than the males and may fool onlookers into
believing that they are watching an eagle rather than a

Adult Red-tailed Hawks have rich brown plumage and are paler
on their under parts. They have streaked lower necks,
bellies and on the underside of their wings and they have a
dark bar between the wrist and shoulder. The tail is pale
beneath and a cinnamon or chestnut red on the top. The young
birds are brown and banded with no reddish coloring. As they
get older the tail takes on a reddish coloring and the upper
chest turns reddish.

Red-tailed hawks soar through the sky in lazy circles over
towns and countryside. When they do flap their wings their
wing beats are heavy. In a particularly strong wind the hawk
may appear to hover in mid-air with its eyes fixed on the
ground for prey. When it dives after prey it goes into a
controlled dive with its legs outstretched, which is very
different from a Falcon's stoop.

Nests are huge, three feet wide, and located high in the
crotch of a large tree. There are usually two to three eggs
and both parents hunt for the young, who leave the nest at
about forty-five days old. The parents continue to hunt for
the young as they learn to fend for themselves.

Red-tailed Hawks figure in Native American culture, and are
popular with falconers.

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