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An exclusive

Stuffed Iguanas

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Check out these simply Amazing Stuffed Plush
Iguanas that are full of natural color
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Stuffed plush Iguana

32 inches long and it's tongue really moves!

So full of eye appeal, plush stuffed Iguanas
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These delightful stuffed Iguanas will make
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Stuffed Plush Iguana

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Some really neat stuff about Iguanas

Did you know that green iguanas are a very popular pet
for many folks to keep? This exotic pet can reach up to
6 feed in length and live for up to 20 years as a pet.
Find out more about keeping pets as lizards.

The most famous iguana arose from the South Pacific testing
of the Atomic Bomb which resulted in a genetic mutation
of an iguana who rose to fame as Godzilla. (a Hollywood
production of course, not really true)

Iguanas are found most in Central and South America,
the West Indies and in the Fiji Islands. In South America
they are eaten and are called chicken of the tree.
There are some desert species of iguana found in
the very dry regions of the United States and Mexico.

Young iguanas have many predators, but once they are
full grown, the only predator the iguana has is man.
Humans use them for the meat, their hide and the eggs.
Many commercial farms raise iguanas for these purposes.

Iguanas have a wide range of coloring depending upon where
they live and the species. The most popular iguana is
the green iguana, which is green with black bands
around it's tail.

Marine iguanas are the only true marine lizard in the
world. They live in the ocean near Galapagos Islands.
Whey these iguanas go on land, they sneeze excess salt
out of their noses which has a gland which filters out
the salt from the seawater. Marine iguanas eat seafood
but when it is not available, they will use their own
stores of fat to feed their bodies. In the water they
are colored black, but when on land their coloring returns
to a greenish gray.

The Galapagos land iguana is thought to be one of the
longest lived reptiles on the planet living to be in
excess of 60 years.

The desert iguanas living in Arizona are believed to
be some of the fastest moving of all lizards.

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