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Plush Stuffed Koalas

they're totally Irresistible

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Presented in real life poses
just like they are found in their native Australia,
you will Cherish these Adorable Plush Stuffed Koalas.

Stuffed Koalas that will
Charm and Endear even the hardest of hearts
Amazingly Soft and Cuddly

These delightful plush stuffed Koalas
of the finest quality have more style and class
than a brand new shiny Rolls Royce.

Cute as a button these stuffed Koala
toy animals will make an excellent gift for
children, and for all animal lovers across the planet.

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stuffed plush Koala
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Koalas are found only along the East coast of Australia
and no where else in the world except for zoos.

Female koalas have one baby at a time. The baby koala
will stay in it's mother's pouch for 6 months when it
gets adventurous and comes out to ride around on it's
mother's back. See the stuffed koala above with baby.

Koalas are gentle animals for the most part, although
they will kick and scratch and bellow (during mating season),
some people have made them as pets, but the only way
a koala could be a pet is if the right kind of eucalyptus
trees are made available to it.

Koalas were once killed to a large degree in Australia
as they were valued for their soft brown fur. Now they
are protected.

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