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Some Cool knowledge about Ladybugs

Ladybugs are beetles that belong to the family
Coccinellidae. There are also called Ladybirds in British
English, Australian English and South African English. Some
scientists prefer to call them Lady Beetles. Other common
names include Lady Cow, Ladyclock and Lady Fly.

Ladybugs are common small insects that range from miniscule
to about a half inch in length. They can be a variety of
colors like yellow, orange or red, with small black spots on
the wings covers and black antennae, head and legs.

There are also a number of Ladybug species that are mostly
black, gray or brown and are very hard for people to
recognize as Ladybugs. These are commonly mistaken for
Tortoise Beetles.

You can find Ladybugs all over the world and there are over
five thousand species that have been described, with more
than four hundred and fifty species of Ladybug native to
North America alone.

Generally Ladybugs are considered to be useful to gardeners
since most eat plant pests, but there are a few species that
are considered to be pests in North America and Europe.
Ladybugs generally make a diet of aphids or scale insects,
which are serious pests in gardens, fields, orchards and
other places where plants are grown for food, hence their
popularity with gardeners.

The Mall of America released thousands of ladybugs into
their indoor park as a natural means of controlling pests in
the indoor gardens. Ladybugs are just one natural means of
controlling pests in gardens and are regularly employed in
this manner.

Many people consider seeing a ladybug or having a ladybug
land on them to be a sign of good luck to come. And if you
kill a ladybug, it means that bad luck is on its way.

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