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The lovely Lorikeet family of Birds

The Lorikeet family is comprised of quite a few genera of
birds. They are playful, colorful birds and a few of the
species are suitable to be kept as pet birds. The Australian
Lorikeet is smaller than the Tropical Lorikeet which is
quite large. The Rainbow Lorikeet looks very similar to the
Eastern Rosella but the Lorikeet has a blue head.

Here is a list of types of Lorikeet:

- Black Winged Lorikeet
- Blue Lorikeet
- Green Naped Lorikeet
- Perfect Lorikeet
- Rainbow Lorikeet
- Red Collared Lorikeet

Lorikeets are very energetic, playful and beautiful to
watch. They like to dance to music and the bird's owners
find it quite amusing to watch. When the Lorikeet is loved
and cared for it develops a bond with its owner that is
strong and abiding.

The Large Tropical Lorikeets have the ability to learn to
talk and have an easier time learning this ability than the
Australian Lorikeet. Count yourself lucky if you get a
Tropical Lorikeet that can talk, they provide loads of

With the Lorikeet it is better that you get a male bird that
has been hand reared from parents in an aviary. Remember to
do your research and learn everything about Lorikeets before
you bring one home. It is recommended that you know your
Lorikeet's immediate history and where the parents are.

The Lorikeet requires a special diet of nectar, fruit and

Lorikeets will make a mess when they eat and soil their
paper lining regularly. You will need to regularly clean up
after them so that the bird stays healthy and happy.

Because of the special feeding requirements of the Lorikeet
it isn't recommended that you mix this bird in with other
parrot species. (See our Bird Care pages - link is above)

Providing you have time and space for a Lorikeet they will
reward you with lots of fun. They are great entertainers and
have lots of love for their owners.

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