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Mahi Mahi Fish

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The Mahi Mahi

The Mahi Mahi is also known as the Calitos, Dolphin-fish,
Dorado, Lampuki and Maverikos. They are a ray-finned
surface-dwelling fish that is found in offshore temperate
waters. They are found in the subtropical and tropical
waters all around the world.

Although the Mahi Mahi is called the dolphin-fish there is
no relationship at all to the actual dolphin. They are not
mammals nor do they have any real resemblance to dolphins at
all. Because this fish has so many names it is often
confused between them. See our stuffed dolphin page.

The Mahi Mahi can live up to five years. When caught they
average twenty-nine pounds (thirteen kilograms) and seldom
weigh more than thirty-three pounds (fifteen kilograms). If
a Mahi Mahi over forty pounds (eighteen kilograms) is caught
it is considered to be exceptional.

The Mahi Mahi lives at three hundred meters (nearly one
thousand feet) down below the surface of the water. Their
bodies are compressed and they have long dorsal fins that
extend almost as long as their bodies and sharply concaved
anal fins. They are beautifully colored fish that have
golden sides and bright greens or blues on the back.

The male and female of the species look similar except the
head shape differs. Females have rounded heads while the
male has a prominent protruding forehead. The female is also
in general smaller than the male. When the fish is caught
the color changes among several hues and eventually becomes
a muted yellow grey at death.

Mahi Mahis are very fast growing fish. They prefer to spawn
throughout most of the year in warm ocean currents. Commonly
the Mahi Mahi young are found in seaweed.

The Mahi Mahi is carnivorous and eats crabs, flying fish,
mackerel, squid and other foraging fish. They have also been
known to eat crustaceans and zooplankton. They taste similar
to the flounder, tilapia and other white fish.

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