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The Marlin

The Marlin is a marine fish that is also called a
billfish. The Marlin has a very long body, a long rigid
dorsal fin and a long spear-like snout. The name is believed
to have come from the "Marlinspike," a common tool on ships.

Marlins are perciform fish, most closely related to the

Family Istiophoridae

Genus Istiophorus
- Istiophorus albicans - Atlantic Sailfish
- Istiophorus platypterus - Indo-Pacific Sailfish

Genus Makaira
- Makaira indica - Black Marlin
- Makaira mazara - Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin
- Makaira nigricans - Atlantic Blue Marlin

Genus Tetrapturus
- Tetrapturus albidus - Atlantic White Marlin
- Tetrapturus angustirostris - Shortbill Spearfish
- Tetrapturus audax - Striped Marlin
- Tetrapturus belone - Mediterranean Spearfish
- Tetrapturus georgii - Roundscale Spearfish
- Tetrapturus pfluegeri - Longbill Spearfish

Marlins are very fast swimmers and can reach speeds of
sixty-eight miles per hour (over one hundred and nine
kilometers per hour).

The larger Marlins are: the Atlantic Blue Marlin which can
reach over six and a half feet (two meters) in length and
weigh two hundred sixty pounds (one hundred and eighteen
kilograms), and the Black Marlin, which can be sixteen feet
(nearly five meters) in length and weigh fifteen hundred
pounds (six hundred and eighty kilograms). They are all
popular sporting fish around certain tropical areas.

Marlins are rarely eaten and usually only appear on the menu
in fine dining establishments. Most sporting fishermen
release a Marlin after catching it. A well known Ernest
Hemingway novel called "The Old Man and the Sea" was a story
about an old man catching an eighteen foot Marlin so that he
could sell its meat at market.

The weight and length records for certain species have been
recorded by the IGFA World Record Game Fish books and were
taken in and weighed on shore. Any Marlin that is suspected
of being a record breaker is taken and weighed for the
record books.

Most often Marlins are mounted on boards and hung on the
wall of the fisherman's home. They are a popular trophy.

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