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Deer are the only animals in the world to have antlers.
All male deer have antlers, but not all female members
of the deer family.

Male reindeer shed their antlers early in the fall
whereas the female reindeer shed theirs in January.
For more info about reindeer see Santa's Reindeer.

There are many kinds of deer, including the roe deer,
fallow deer, white tailed deer, red deer Sambar deer,
Pere David's deer, musk deer, Indian Muntjac, and mule
deer. The most common deer of North America is
the white tailed deer.

Members of the family include moose, see our
stuffed moose page, the reindeer, caribou, and
the pudu of South America.

The only member of the deer family to be domesticated
is the reindeer which is used as a pack animal,
for it's milk, hide, meat and to pull Santa's

Deer live in almost every continent except Australia,
Antarctica and Africa below the Sahara Desert.

Male deer usually have antlers which are shed every
year, usually in the spring, then new growth is
made the following fall.

Deer are like goats in that they have short tails
and long legs which enable them to dart about
swiftly in the woods and on hill sides to escape
predators, the most common of which is man.

Female deer usually have from one to two babies
which are called fawns. In contrast the young of
moose, reindeer, elk, and caribou are called calves.

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