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A Jim Dandy little

stuffed animal

see this Snazzy Opossum

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Aren't these stuffed plush Opossums just
the darndest things you've ever seen?
Momma opossum and her baby are here waiting for
someone like you to take and give them a good home.

Sweet as Roses in full bloom ....

Plush Stuffed Opossum

that will provide you with some refreshing Entertainment.

Momma & baby stuffed plush Opossum

Our plush stuffed Opossum
thinks it's just the coolest mammal on the block.

This cheerful little stuffed Opossum toy animal will make
a clever and chipper gift for that special person in your life.....

Just as neat and cool as can be

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Who would have thought this about Opossums?

Opossums live through most of central and eastern
United States and along the western seaboard and as far
south as Panama.

In the genus Didelphis are 77 American opossum species,
opossums are marsupials.

They are well adapted to live in a very wide range of
climates and conditions and can eat almost anything they
can scavage and love to find their way into garbage cans
and trash.

Their main defense against other animals is their ability
to play "possum" or acting dead which seems to be pretty
effective at getting other animals to leave them alone.

Opossums are nocturnal, hunting and feeding at night.
They use their very good sense of smell to find food
and to detect predators and their whiskers which are
very good as sensors in the dark.

Opossums use their tail as a kind of fifth hand, often
using it to hang upside down from tree limbs.

Opossums weigh from 6 1/2 pounds up to 13 pounds and
are from 13 to 21 1/2 inches long. They only live for
about 2 years.

Opossums are pretty fertile and can have 3 litters each
breeding season with up to 21 babies in each litter, that's
a lot of playing momma keeping up with 21 babies.

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