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Kitty Cats - colored tantalizingly Orange

Anyone that has ever had an orange cat, whether it has
tabby markings or leans more toward the red color,
knows that they make excellent cats. The colorization
of the orange cat isn't from a specific breed and it
can show up on any breed of cat.

Orange cats are considered to be almost always very
affectionate and very goofy. There may be good reasons
why both of these traits tend to surface in the orange
colored cats.

For instance, most orange cats are male. Male cats tend
to be more affectionate toward their owners, especially
if they were acclimated to humans from birth. The more
socialized a cat is the more affectionate it will be
towards its owners.

As for the goofy characteristic, any cat owner will
tell you that their cat will sometimes demonstrate a
goofy streak. Cats are naturally playful unless they
have some kind of physical ailment. The personality of
a cat will determine whether or not it is playful in
this way.

There is no absolute proof that the color of a cat will
determine its personality, but the experience of many
cat owners leads them to swear that it really does.

It could be that certain genetic characteristics are
passed along with the color genes and that is why a cat
develops a specific personality. But as of yet they
haven't been able to isolate any specific DNA strand or
gene that would cause this.

Most people that have owned an orange colored cat swear
that they make the best cats. But of course, lovers of
black and white cats, calico cats, and nearly any other
color scheme may say the same. Really any cat that has
been properly socialized and cared for makes a great
pet, no matter the color. F

Cuter than Cupid  -

Stuffed Plush Orange Cats

A real keepsake - romantically intriguing.

A splendid addition to any stuffed toy animal collection.
These stunning plush stuffed Orange Cat toy animals
will Brighten up your day and put a Smile on your face every day.

When you give a plush Orange Cat
to someone you care about.....
they will appreciate you for your thoughtfulness.

This plush Orange cat is softer than Charmin tissue!


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