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Orca Whales

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Delightfully Blubberly, this Really Cool
Plush Stuffed Orca Whale toy whale is really a very
Adorable and Cuddly stuffed animal you will
be pleased to have.

The Orca Whale

The Orca or "Killer Whale" is also called the Blackfish or
Seawolf. They are mammals, not fish, and are actually the
largest member of the dolphin family. Orcas are found in the
oceans all over the world. The Orca is an opportunistic
marine apex predator, meaning that it is at the top of its
food chain.

Some Orca live on fish, while others actively hunt marine
mammals like sea lions, seals, walruses and even large
whales. There are five distinct Orca types that are
separated by geographical range, physical appearance and
preferred prey.

The Orca is a very social animal and some populations of
Orcas are composed of matrilineal family groups. They are
considered to have the most stable family groups and social
culture of any species of animal. Orca pods have specific
hunting techniques, vocals, and social behavior. In fact
these are so distinct that they are considered by some to be
the manifestations of culture.

The Orca isn't on the endangered species list but some local
populations of Orca are threatened because of habitat loss,
prey depletion and pollution. Even captures made by marine
animal parks are taking their toll on the Orca population.
As a result of these actions the "Southern Resident Killer
Whale" is now on the endangered species list.

Orcas have a distinctive and attractive coloring. They are
patterned black on white. The chest and sides are white and
the top is black. There may be patches of white above or
behind the eyes. The calves are born with an orange or
yellowish tint that later fades to white.

The male Orca can grow to twenty-six feet (nearly eight
meters) in length and weigh up to six metric tons. The
females are typically smaller, at a maximum length of
twenty-three feet (seven meters) and weighing up to four
metric tons. The heaviest Orca every recorded weighed in at
eight metric tons. A calf weighs five hundred pounds (two
hundred twenty-seven kilograms) at birth on average.

Ordinarily wild Orcas are not a threat to humans. There have
been some reports that a captive Orca has attacked a human,
but these have isolated incidences. Despite their popularity
in captivity and their fierceness, there is only one
recorded instance in which an Orca killed its handler at an
aquatic theme park.

So easy to Love and very Charming

Our plush stuffed Orca Whale

is ready to capture some special moments with you.

18 inches long stuffed plush Orca Whale

What a comforting plush stuffed Orca Whale
this really is that will provide you, or your children,
with high quality enjoyment and entertainment.

These unusual and spiffy stuffed Orca Whales
are an excellent gift idea.....
they are simply a Whale of a lot of Fun to have around!

Bursting with Spirit and Cheerfulness
to really put some Sunshine into your Day!

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