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It's time you realized this about the fast running Ostrich

The Ostrich is a large bird native to Africa and the Middle
East. It is the only remaining member of the family
Struthionidae and genus Struthio. Ostriches do share their
order, Struthioniformes, with the Kiwi, Emu and other
ratites. These are all flightless birds.

The Ostrich has a distinctive appearance, with a long neck
and legs. They can run up to forty-six miles per hour
(seventy-four kilometers per hour). The Ostrich is the
fastest runner of any bird and the largest living bird. It
also lays the largest egg.

The Ostrich mainly eats plant matter and occasional insects.
They live in nomadic flocks that can contain up to fifty birds.

When Ostriches are threatened they will either hide by lying
flat on the ground or will run away.

When an Ostrich is cornered it kicks with its powerful legs,
often causing serious injury and death, even to lions. The
mating patterns of the Ostrich differ according to
geographical region, but most often a male Ostrich will
fight for a harem of two to seven female birds.

The Ostrich is farmed throughout the world for its feathers,
which are used for decoration and as feather dusters. The
skin of the Ostrich is used to make leather goods and its
meat is marketed commercially.

Ostriches usually weight between one hundred forty pounds to
two hundred and ninety pounds (63.5 to 131.3 kilograms).
Some male Ostriches have been recorded at up to three
hundred and forty pounds (154 kilograms).

The feathers of the male Ostrich are black, with white tips
on the wings and tail. The female Ostrich and young Ostrich
are a grayish brown and white. The head and neck of both
male and female birds are nearly bare except for a thin
layer of down, giving them a humorous appearance.

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