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Toy Snow Owls &

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Some interesting tidbits about Owls - are they really Wise?

The Owl is a Strigiform, an order of birds of prey that have
over two hundred extant species. They are nocturnal,
solitary mostly, with few exceptions. The Owl hunts small
mammals, insects and other small birds. There are also a
couple of species of Owls that specialize in hunting fish.

Owls can be found all over the earth, aside from the polar
caps and Greenland and some remote islands. The collective
noun for a group of owls is a parliament, even though owls
are typically solitary.

Living Owls are divided into two families, the Barn Owl
(Tytonidae) and the Typical Owl (Strigidae).

Owls have large eyes that face forward, ear holes, a flat
face and a beak similar to that of a hawk. They usually have
a conspicuous circle of feathers around each eye. These
feather circles are called facial discs.

Although owls have binocular vision their large eyes are
fixed in their sockets. In order to change their view they
have to turn their head like other birds do.

Owls are farsighted and can't see anything up close very
well. Prey that has been caught is felt by filoplumes, small
hair-like feathers around the beak, and feet that act like
feelers. Owls have excellent distance vision, particularly
at night which is when they usually hunt for food.

Unlike what popular myth would suggest, an Owl can't turn
its head all the way backwards. They can, however, turn
their heads one hundred thirty-five degrees in either
direction. So an Owl can look behind its shoulder with a two
hundred seventy degree field of vision.

The smallest Owl is the Elf Owl. It is tiny, weighing 1.1
ounces and is only 5.3 inches in length. Some pygmy Owls are
barely larger. The largest Owl is the Eagle Owl, which can
reach 28.4 inches long and weigh ten pounds with a wingspan
of 6.6 feet.

Depending upon the species of Owl, the call is vastly
different. The typical "Who, Who" that people associate with
owls is only uttered by a few of the species.

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