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The Peafowl - some Cool Information

Peafowl is a term that refers to two bird species from the
genus Pavo of the pheasant family Phasianidae. The Peafowl
is known for the wonderfully colored tail that the male
displays as part of the courtship ritual. Its very long tail
coverts are fanned out at will in a dramatic display of
blue-green and green iridescent plumage with large "eye"

The female Peafowl is known as a Peahen. The female peafowl
is brown, grey, pink and sometimes white.

There are two primary species of peafowl, the Green Peafowl
(Pavo muticus) and the Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus).

In India the White Peafowl is the rarest and the feathers
can be sold at five hundred dollars USD per feather.

The peafowl is the national bird of India and still lives
and breeds in the wild on the Indian subcontinent.

The Green Peafowl, from Burma east to Java, is, according to
the IUCN, currently vulnerable to becoming extinct because
of hunting and reduced quality habitat.

Peafowl have been kept domestically for several thousand
years, primarily for their beauty but also because they will
alert to danger or trespass with their loud screaming,
wailing call. Peafowl flock together in the wild, but they
may be pugnacious with other domestic animals.

Peafowl fly fairly well, but are ground feeding birds and
rarely fly higher than the tree branches on which they
roost. Peafowl prefer to nest on the ground in forested
areas, but roost in trees. They feed on the invertebrates,
small vertebrates and plants that are commonly found on the
forest floor. In captivity they should be fed like captive
pheasants rather than like chickens.

When a male peafowl is courting it flares out its tail
feathers and crows loudly in order to get a female's

Both of the species of Peafowl are considered to be
polygamous. A Peafowl will have a harem of up to five
females, which he will guard and protect. The Peahens lay
three to twelve brownish eggs in a scratched out grass-lined
depression in tall grass or brush.

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