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Plush Penguins all

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Sunday best clothes.

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Totally Awesome and without a doubt one of a kind,
Plush Stuffed Pelicans that are sure to be a huge hit
to anyone you give them to, they are so Playful and Fun!

What's so Cool about a Pelican .....

The Pelican is a large waterfowl that belongs to the family
Pelecanidae. They are distinctive in appearance because of
the large pouch under their beak.

Pelicans are from the order Pelecaniformes, which is made up
of not only Pelicans but also Boobies, Cormorants, Darters,
Frigatebirds, Gannets and Tropicbirds.

Pelicans can be found all across the world on every
continent aside from Antarctica. They prefer warm regions
and can breed between the ranges of forty-five degrees south
and sixty degrees north. You will not find a Pelican in
Polar regions, deep ocean, oceanic islands or in inland
South America, rather you may see them along coastal waters
and sometimes inland everywhere else.

Pelicans are divided by biologists into two groups: Pelicans
that nest on the ground and have mostly white plumage as
adults, and Pelicans with gray or brown plumage and nest in
trees or on sea rocks.

Pelicans have enormous pouched bills and are very large
birds. The smallest is the Brown Pelican which weighs about
six pounds (2.7 kilograms) and up to forty-two inches (one
meter) in length with a wingspan of six feet (1.8 meters).

A Pelican uses its bill pouch to catch many fish (or
amphibians, crustaceans or even smaller birds) at once. It
then can carry them back to its perch and swallow each one
whole, often by flipping it up and letting it slide down its
gullet head first. The Australian Pelican has the longest
bill of any bird in the world.

The largest Pelican is considered to be the Dalmatian
Pelican. It can weigh up to thirty-three pounds (fifteen
kilograms), grow to seventy-two inches (two meters) in
length and have a wingspan of eleven and one half feet
(three and one half meters).

Pelicans have strong, short legs with webbed feet and four
toes and can swim very well including underwater as it dives
for fish. They have short tails that are square with twenty
to twenty-four feathers on them. The wings are very long and
have a great deal of secondary flight feathers, between
thirty and thirty-five, which is unusual.

Deep in their breast muscle they have special fibers so that
they can hold their wings rigidly horizontal for soaring or
gliding. That way they can use thermals to commute distances
of over one hundred miles to feeding areas.

Pelicans are often seen rubbing the backs of their heads to
pick up oily secretions from their preen glands. They then
transfer the oil to their feathers for waterproofing.

Plush stuffed Pelicans more sporty and classy
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Plush toy Pelicans three sizes to choose from.....
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Cuddly and comical plush stuffed Pelicans
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