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Plush Stuffed Penguins

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Dressed to the Nines - Stuffed Penguins
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The Penguin - some cool stuff about them.

Penguins are from the order Sphenisciformes and family
Spheniscidae. They are a group of flightless, aquatic birds
that live mostly in the southern hemisphere. They are well
suited to their life in the water.

Many people are well-acquainted with Penguins these days due
to the success of several popular movies about Penguins and
their lives. There are many species of Penguins, but most
share certain identifying characteristics.

Penguins usually have black and white plumage, and their
wings are shaped like a flipper rather than a bird's wing.
They are awkward on land but fast and agile underwater.
Penguins feed mostly on fish, krill, squid and other sea
life that they can manage to catch while underwater. They
spend half of their life in the ocean and half on land.

Penguins are well known to live in Antarctica, but they are
also seen in temperate climates like the Galapagos, which is
near the equator. In fact several species of penguins live
further north in temperate zones.

The largest living penguin species is the Emperor Penguin,
which can be up to three and a half feet (just over one
meter) tall and weight around seventy-five pounds (thirty-
four kilograms) or even more. The smallest penguin is the
Little Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin which is sixteen inches
(forty to forty-one centimeters) tall and weighs just over
two pounds (less than one kilogram).

Usually the larger penguins are found in the colder climates
like Antarctica, and the smaller penguins are found
throughout the more temperate regions. Some prehistoric
Penguins became as tall and heavy as an adult human. These
were found to be in regions above Antarctica and one was
found a little south of the equator which would have been
warmer then than it is now.

There are only a few species that actually live in
Antarctica. One species, the Galapagos Penguin, lives on the
Galapagos Islands but this is possible because of the very
cold ocean waters from the Antarctic Humboldt Current which
flows around the three islands.

Most major populations of Penguins are found in: Antarctica,
Australia, and New Zealand, but the coasts of South America
and its islands have a number of penguin colonies as well.

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