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Toy Pheasants

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Here's some nifty info about the Pheasant

The Pheasant is a large bird group belonging to the order
Galliformes. Pheasants have marked differences between the
male and female birds and are considered to be dimorphic.
The male bird is usually larger than the female and has a
longer tail. Pheasants are omnivorous birds that eat insects
and seeds. The male bird doesn't assist in rearing the young
at all.

There are thirty-five species of Pheasant in eleven genera.
The best known Pheasant is the Common Pheasant, which has
been introduced as feral populations in farm operations.
They are now found all over the world. Some pheasants are
popular to be kept in aviaries. One example is the Golden
Pheasant, which is kept for its beauty as well as for food.

The Ring-necked Pheasant was introduced to Europe and North
America from Asia and it can now be found living ferally all
over the United States, especially around farmlands. The
Pheasant has distinctive coloring and is a very popular game

These birds are medium to large and have chicken-like
habits. They have long tails that are often held cocked up
at an angle. The wings are long and appear rounded in

The male Ring-necked Pheasant has a bare red face and an
iridescent green head with lighter tufts above and behind
the eyes. They have a white ring around the neck. The breast
plumage is maroon in color and the flanks tend to range
toward orange. The tail is long, pointed and brown in
coloring with barring. The rump is gray with a spur halfway
up the leg.

The female Ring-necked Pheasant is a mottled brown with
small black spots on the back. Females also have long
pointed tails with brown and black barring.

The young Ring-necked Pheasant looks similar to the adult
female but the young male shows adult patterning after a
couple of months.

The long tail feathers of the male Pheasant have long been
popular as decorations on hats and other human adornment.

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Plush toy Pheasant 6 inches long

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