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Stuffed Pigs that

are the talk of

the Farm

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Animal Abuse with

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This stuffed plush little piggy went to market
and then found it's way home with you.
And, what a wonderful surprise it was for you, how
Cute and Alluring this stuffed little piggy was.

Plush stuffed pig 12 inches long

"Hector" plush stuffed pig 12 inches high

Floppy plush stuffed pig 18 inches long

Have you ever seen anything so Cute and precious
than these Dreamy stuffed plush pigs?

They are so endearing these plush stuffed pigs
could Charm the birds right out of their trees!

You get yourself one of these stuffed plush pigs and
guaranteed all the other stuffed animals you have will be
instantly jealous of their Beauty.....

Overflowing with Joy and Happiness
they will definitely Cheer up even the
gloomiest of days for you.

Stuffed plush pigs
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Your order will be sent lickity split.
Your day will be much Brighter and Happier.


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Page By: Tippy & Alfred who secretly believe that Arnold Ziffel
had lots of these stuffed plush pigs in his room on the Fred and Doris Ziffel
farm at Hooterville. Arnold used to love to watch TV, but when
he wasn't watching the tube, he was playing with his stuffed pigs.