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Platypus: Stuffed Plush toy dinosaur animals on sale.

The Platypus is a native species in eastern Australia and
Tasmania. It is scientifically named Ornithorhynchus
anatinus. The Platypus is in a species called monotremes and
is one of the only mammals that lay eggs rather than bearing
live young.

There are only five known species of mammals today that lay
eggs instead of live young and all but the Platypus are
echidna. The Platypus is the only member of its family
according to scientific classification and it has its own
genus as well. There may have been similar species in
earth's past, but they were all found in fossil records and
today there are no known animals that are related to the Platypus.

The Platypus is venomous. Despite it's rather cuddly looking
exterior they are dangerous to humans. The platypus is also
unique in appearance. It has a duck bill and a beaver tail.
It is also otter-footed and a mammal. It confused the
European scientists that first discovered it and some even
considered the animal to be some part of some kind of
elaborate hoax that was being played on them.

The Platypus is one of the few venomous mammals in existence
today. The male Platypus delivers venom to its victim via a
spur on the back foot. A stick from this spur causes severe
pain in humans.

The fact that the Platypus is so unique to every other
mammal makes it an important research subject in
evolutionary biology. It is also an icon in Australia
because of that selfsame uniqueness.

Because Australia regards the Platypus as an icon it has
shown up at national events and is featured on the back of
the Australian twenty cent coin. The Platypus also is the
animal emblem of the state of New South Wales.

The Platypus was hunted in the past because of its unique
fur, but now the Platypus is protected in its local area of
Australia and Tasmania. The Platypus is sensitive to
pollution in the environment, which puts it in danger from
humans. Captive breeding has been tried in order to sustain
the species but this has met with limited success. But
currently the Platypus in not under any threat of becoming

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