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Toy Ravens & Crows

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The Raven - here's some cool stuff about the Raven

The Raven is a big sooty-colored bird that thrives around
humans and in the wilds. They fly in the sky with flowing,
easy wing beats and fill the sky with their echoing croak.

Raven is a common name given to members of genus Corvus and
Raven is actually the common name of several large bodied

Species of the genus Corvus include:

- Australian Raven
- Brown-necked Raven
- Chihuahuan Raven
- Common Raven
- Thick-billed Raven

Some other species that are in the genus Corvus are smaller
bodied and include the Crow, Jackdaw and Rook.

Ravens are clever creatures and are known for their ability
to solve complicated problems. This is true even of
unnatural problems that have been invented for them by
ordinary people and scientists. Ravens are known to be able
to unlock lids, mimic people or sounds and learn by

Ravens are cheeky birds that are curious and confident. They
have a two-footed hop or they strut around on the ground.
While in flight they are graceful while slowly flapping
their wings or occasionally gliding or soaring through the

In North America and Europe this term is generally applied
to the Common Raven. The Common Raven has intrigued people
and been a companion to people for centuries throughout the
Northern Hemisphere. They often follow hunting parties,
wagons, sleds and sleighs in the hopes of a bite to eat.

The Common Raven is a large and heavy bird with a thick
neck, shaggy throat feathers and a large and sharp beak.
Ravens have wedge-shaped tails that are long and flaring in
flight. In outline against the sky Ravens are slenderer than
crows with narrow wings and wing feathers that are longer.

Common Ravens are an iridescent black all over the body.
Everything is black, including its beak, eyes and legs.
Perhaps because of its color and intelligence it has
sometimes figured magically in folklore and fiction.

The Common Raven is a social bird, but not as social as the
Crow. They tend to be in pairs or alone except at a large
food source like a human trash dump.

Cute as a button Plush Stuffed Ravens & Crows

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These plush stuffed Raven and Crow toy birds
are just the ticket to make someone's day go better!

Give someone a stuffed Raven or stuffed Crow
and they will get such a big kick out of them.....
they are perfect for Educational purposes and for
all children, especially those children under 102!

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