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Beautiful Plush Stuffed

Russian Blue Cat

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Russian Blue Cats - Created for Royalty

The origin of the Russian Blue is surrounded in mystery.
There are many legends and stories about their origin and
many believe that they are a natural breed occurring in the
Archangel Isles in North Russia. It is suspected that the
cats were trapped for their fur that is a very nice color
and is a double coat of thickness that has been compared to
the fur of a seal or beaver.

The Russian Blue was originally called the Foreign Blue or
Archangel Blue and it is suspected that sailors from the
Archangel Isles brought the Russian Blue with them to
Northern Europe and England in 1860. There are stories that
the Russian Blue was a favored cat of Queen Victoria and
that it is a descendant of the Royal Cat of the Russian

The Russian Blue was shown in 1875 at the Crystal Palace in
England under the name of Archangel Cat and competed in a
class containing all blue cats. In 1912 the Russian Blue was
distinguished as its own class. The foundational bloodline
of the Russian Blue was worked on from its inception until
after World War Two.

Russian Blue cats were imported to the United States in the
1900's but there was little development of the breed. It was
American breeders that established the Russian blue that is
known and loved today by breeding from the imported Russian
Blue English bloodlines and the Scandinavian bloodlines.

The Russian Blue is a favorite of the cat show world and
earns its place among families that know and love the breed.
It was in the 1960's that the breed started becoming

The Russian Blue is affectionate, gentle and distinguished
from among other breeds because of its dense silvery coat
and brilliant green eyes. The Russian Blue provides no
variation in patterns, color or markings. They are always
solid blue-grey in color and shorthaired.

The Russian Blue has smooth lines that are softened by its
thick coat. Cats of this breed have large round eyes that
are wide set with a wedge-shaped head and large pointed
ears. The Russian Blue has a long, fine-boned body that is
muscular and toned. It is the body and coat that give the
Russian Blue a regal appearance that might be at home in the
lap of royalty.

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Stuffed Plush Russian Blue Cat

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We once had a Russian Blue cat named Harvey when Dave
was growing up. He was just the coolest cat ever.
Harvey came around the house as a stray and we guess
because the eats were available, he stayed and became
a pretty nice house cat. Harvey lived to a ripe old age
and gave us a lot of pleasure. We dedicate this page to
his memory.