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Talking about Salmon

Salmon is actually a common name for several fish from the
same family of Salmonidae. A lot of other fish that are in
the same family are called Trout. The difference is that
Salmon migrate, whereas Trout stay in the waters where they
were born.

Salmon live in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the
Great Lakes of North America. Salmon are born in freshwater
and migrate to the ocean, then return to freshwater sources
to mate, spawn and die. A few rare species of Salmon can
only live in freshwater. This is probably due to
domestication of those particular Salmon species.

Folklore and Native American tradition has claimed for a
long time that an individual Salmon will return to exactly
where it was born in order to spawn. Studies have shown that
this is in fact truth, but how this is accomplished is still
under debate.

In Alaska, Salmon are able to populate new streams by
crossing-over. This is accomplished through glacier melts
that turn into streams between different river systems. How
Salmon are able to navigate these crossings is unknown.
Salmon do have keen senses of smell and it is suspected that
this may in some way make them able to navigate streams.

Pacific Salmon die within a few weeks of spawning. This is
known as semelparity. Even the few Salmon that may live
through the first spawning still have a high mortality rate
of around fifty percent. The dying Salmon provide abundant
food for the local predators, especially the bears.

When Salmon are caught commercially they are most valuable
when they were caught in the Ocean. This is because the meat
is still tender and hasn't softened due to age. Much captive
raised Salmon is also sold, but most Salmon lovers say that
the flesh of captive raised Salmon is much lower quality
than the wild-caught, and nutritional experts agree.

Salmon, because of their migratory nature, are fairly unique
among fish. And the fact that their body chemistry changes
so that they can live in saltwater in the ocean and then
adapt to freshwater is a wonder of nature.

Salmon is a fish that is in high demand in worldwide
markets. They are also highly sought after by game fishermen
and make excellent trophies.

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