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Sea Serpents

The Sea Serpent or Sea dragon is a mythical or
cryptobiological sea monster that is either wholly serpent
or simply serpentine. Sea Serpent sightings have been
reported for thousands of years and are still reported even

Cryptozoologist Bruce Champagne has indentified more than
one thousand two hundred sea serpent sightings. However no
credible "scientific" evidence has supported any of these
claims. Many biologists believe that these sightings are
simply misidentifications of animals that are already known,
such as the whale.

Some cryptozoologists have claimed that the sea serpent is
actually a Mosasaur, Plesiosaur or other Mesozoic marine
reptile from that bygone era. This idea is often posited
about the Loch Ness Monster that is so very famous for its

Every ancient civilization has a story about a giant sea
serpent if that civilization traveled the waters, so it is
possible that scientific evidence for some large cryptic
creature may yet be found.

In Norse mythology the Jormungandr or Midgardsormen is a sea
serpent that is so long that it encircles the entire earth
or "Midgard". Some stories have suggested that sailors have
mistaken its back for a chain of islands.

In Scandinavian folklore, particularly in Norway, there are
stories of Sea Serpents. In Sweden, ecclesiastic writer
Olaus Magnus Carta Marina says that there are many different
marine monsters that lurk in the deeps, including the sea

Stories of the Sea Serpent are also well-known tales among
sea-faring cultures in the Near East and the Mediterranean,
appearing in their mythologies and even apparent eye witness
accounts. In the Bible there are references to the Leviathan
and Rahab from the Hebrew Tanakh that are more commonly
known today.

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