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The Sea Star

The Sea Star is an echinoderm that belongs to the class
Asteroidea. Sea Stars are also called Starfish, but the name
Starfish is more commonly applied to Brittle Stars from the
class Ophiuroidea.

The basic difference between a Sea Star and a Brittle Star
is that the Sea Star has many more arms than five. All
Brittle Stars have only five arms.

Sea Stars show a near round likeness and arms that radiate
out from the center disk. For movement they do not rely on
their skeletal structure, rather they use a hydraulic water
vascular system. This system has many tube feet that project
from the ventral face of the Sea Star's arms. These not only
aid the animal in moving around but also in feeding.

The Sea Star's preferred prey is shelled animals like clams
and oysters. They have two stomachs, one for engulfing and
digesting prey and the other for digestion. This allows the
Sea Star to eat much larger prey because the stomach that
engulfs can extend outward from the animal's body and around
the prey, and the food can be digested from outside the Sea
Star's body.

Sea Stars have the ability to regenerate arms that have been
cut off, and a new Sea Star can regenerate fully from as
little as a single arm with some of the central disc

Most Sea Star species prefer to eat shelled animals that are
too slow to dodge its attack. Some species are detritivores
and eat the decomposing flesh of animals, plants or organic
films on substrate. Others eat coral polyps, sponges,
suspended particles and plankton.

Sea Stars have also been known to attack animals such as
Marine Snails. Some will actually eat snails in an aquarium
setting if the detritus in the tank doesn't satisfy its

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