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From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Seagulls are Terrific!

The Seagull is an informal name for the bird called a Gull
from the family Laridae. They are closely related to the
family Sternidae that is composed of Terns. They are
distantly related to Auks, Skimmers and Waders.

The Gull is a medium to large sized bird that has white and
gray plumage. Most species have black markings on their
wings and head. Young seagulls have mottled brown colored
plumage. They in general have a harsh squawking or wailing
call, long, stout bills and webbed feet.

The Gull species ranges from the Great Black-Backed Gull
that is thirty inches (seventy-six centimeters) long and
weights four pounds (two kilograms), to the Little Gull that
is eleven and a half inches long (twenty-nine centimeters)
and weighs four ounces (one hundred and thirteen grams).

Gulls are social birds that nest in colonies. They are noisy
and are often considered to be pests. Most gulls nest on the
ground and are carnivores. They scavenge for food and are
opportunists. They often eat fish and crabs if they can't
find anything to scavenge for.

Gulls are resourceful and curious birds that will watch for
any opportunity to get food. They have a highly developed
social structure and will attack any intruders or predators
that threaten them by using a mobbing behavior.

Some of the gull species have exhibited the ability to use
tools. They are also seen dropping food such as mollusks and
even turtles onto rocks to break the shells for eating.
(Humans are sometimes injured by falling seagull foods.)

Like any scavenger they prefer to be around humans because
of the ready food source that humans provide. That is why
you will find them on beaches occupied by humans, around
restaurant dumpsters, and even far inland. Other gulls rely
on kleptoparasitism to get their food, stealing most of
their diet from other birds.

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