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Add some Spice to your Life with these Stuffed Sparrows

The old world Sparrows are considered to be the True
Sparrows from the family Passeroidea. They are small
passerine birds that are very familiar to most people, and
tend to breed in cities around the world.

Sparrows are small, plump, brownish-gray birds with powerful
beaks and short tails. They primarily eat seeds and small
insects. There are a few species of Sparrow that scavenge
for food in cities like pigeons and gulls do.

The Sparrow ranges in size from the Parrot-billed Sparrow
that is seven inches (eighteen centimeters) long and weighs
one and a half ounces (forty-three grams) to the Chestnut
Sparrow that is just four and a half inches (eleven
centimeters) long and weighs just a half an ounce (thirteen

Sparrows are similar to finches and prefer to eat seeds. The
difference between a Sparrow and a Finch is that the Sparrow
has a vestigial dorsal outer primary feather and an extra
bone in their tongues. Most Sparrows are rounder looking
than finches as well.

The Sparrow comes from Asia, Africa and Europe. The Sparrows
that are in America and Australia where brought over from
the countries listed above and have naturalized. The
American Sparrow or New World Sparrow is part of a different
family than the Old World Sparrow.

The Hedge Sparrow or Dunnock (Prunella modularis) is also
unrelated to the true Sparrow. It is called a sparrow only
because of the old habit of calling any small bird a

Sparrows are easily mistaken as other small birds and other
small birds are often called Sparrows even though they are
not. This bird is gregarious and appreciates bird feeders.
You can find them almost everywhere and since the House
Sparrow was brought to North America they have completely
populated the continent.

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Plush Stuffed Sparrows

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These plush stuffed Sparrow toy birds are
an excellent idea to give someone who is a bird lover,
or just a Treat for yourself. After all, you deserve
something to brighten up your day.

Celebrate Life with these Plush Stuffed Sparrows

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